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We help experts to increase net profit at launches due to a systematic approach, professionalism and careful attitude to the audience

2 000 000 $

total revenue of all launches over 6 years

Several cases
  • 32k
  • 160k
  • 480k
    training "marketplace manager"
  • 120k
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to achieve phenomenal results and impressive goals.
How we work
Unpacking expertise
  • deep personality analysis
  • we show all the superpowers
  • we choose the most responsive
  • one we develop a launch formula
  • we determine the configuration of the team
  • we conduct audience and market research
  • assemble the product
  • choose the appropriate warm-up style
  • create a mudboard of product ideas for inspiration
  • competently convey the value to the audience
  • personally answer the questions of potential buyers and close the deal

Launch decomposition

Our principles
We strive for long-term cooperation by creating top products in the education market
We appreciate uniqueness

Although we have formed a conditional launch template over seven years of experience, the first thing that matters to us is which way our customer wants to develop their potential. Everyone has many strengths, but the final choice is yours.
In the interaction you will recognize yourself
Working calls with the team in the middle of the week become a spotlight on your strengths. They pay attention to the intangible asset accumulated over a lifetime. Noticing it and addressing it to you is our professional task.
All the work is for us

Product creation, development of structure and blocks, promotion strategies, and much more remains behind the scenes. You see us only at the stages of unpacking and approving the results. The process goes on while you are doing your own business.
  • Semen Leontyev
    Executive Producer (co-CEO)
  • Simonov Denis
    Strategy & Growth (co-CEO)
  • Ksenia Nikolaeva
    COO (Operation Lead)
  • Varya
    Creative Producer
Our mission
Do not just launch a product to an audience, but set up a scalable business from your intangible assets. Upon reaching the designated result, the cooperation ends, the project and all the tools remain with you
Partnership formats
under 100k $
For blogs with ~1k subscribers in telegram and/or ~10k in Instagram, we offer personal mentoring, during which we will transfer all the strategies and bundles extracted from seven years of practice, teach how to competently create a product and sell it
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under 500k $
If your blog falls into the category of average, ~10k subscribers in telegram and/or ~100k in Instagram, we work on an individual system for creating a product and launching it. We set up the infrastructure, prepare platforms for lead generation, help in communicating with banks to create installments
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500k $ +
Собираем команду персонально под ваш запуск, в зависимости от сферы и пожеланий (включить геймификацию, разработать собственный лендинг и т. д.). Работаем как с курсами, для записи которых предоставляем свой продакшн (если находитесь в Москве), так и с личным менторством, продаем за высокий чек.
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